SignAll’s Team is Expanding with a Native ASL Teacher

We are very excited about being able to meet and greet Dawn, our new colleague, tomorrow in our office in Budapest. The day will be exciting for her, and the rest of the team as well, as she is moving to another city, in another country on another continent, exclusively to help our work.

Dawn has gained her Master degree in Sign Language Education at Gallaudet University this summer. Before that, she spent two years in New Mexico with teaching ASL for children, parents and anyone who worked with deaf children.

After the graduation, Dawn has noticed SignAll’s job offer at Gallaudet, and, for our greatest pleasure, she decided to apply. Now, consider what it takes to make such a decision, all the thoughts that could have dissuaded her from applying – entirely new surroundings, new culture, new people, unknown language, far away from home, all alone. It surely is a very difficult decision to make – but not for Dawn. She is all into adventures, travelling and doing all kinds of extreme sports. Moving to Budapest to join SignAll’s team will be her next big adventure, and the team is more than willing to help her fit in her new life.

You can watch her introductory video below.

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