Meet Lisa Hower, SignAll’s new ASL teacher!

We are extremely delighted about being able to introduce SignAll’s newest team member, Lisa Hower from Texas, USA, whose presence will grant the opportunity for each team member to learn ASL from a qualified, native teacher.

LisaAs our team keeps continuously expanding, and each member is keen on learning ASL, we needed a new member to cope with the growing number of students. Lisa was the perfect choice.

Lisa graduated from Gallaudet University with a B.A. in American Sign Language and a minor in Linguistics. Luckily for us, Lisa is an experienced teacher, as she taught ASL at high school and college level in the U.S. She also was an elementary school teacher for special education, so she is well-prepared. Lisa can easily handle the classes even though the level of ASL knowledge of the groups can differ significantly. She holds beginner, elementary and intermediate classes too – and she does a great job!

Besides doing her best as an ASL teacher, Lisa also takes part in data research tasks in the linguistic team at SignAll, supporting them with her expertise.

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