If June, then M-Enabling Summit

M-EnablingThe M-Enabling Summit is a highly awaited global conference where the leading technologies and innovations that promote accessibilities for people with all abilities are presented annually. The M-Enabling is an incredible event and we feel especially honored that we are among those few participants who can also take part in a key panel discussion.

The summit and its programs are very promising: this year’s theme is “Making Connected Things and Services Accessible for All” – which obliges a company like SignAll to be there. The 2017 edition of M-Enabling focuses on the innovations that have a positive impact on people’s lives by providing an opportunity for thought leaders, professionals and institutions to meet and to get to know about the latest technological advances.

To our great pleasure, Mr Zsolt Robotka, SignAll’s CEO was invited to take part in a panel discussion on the third day of the summit, on Wednesday, June 14, together with a representative of the National Association of the Deaf, Disability Rights Office, Communication Service for the Deaf, to name only a few. The session will cover innovative solutions related to end user solutions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

Apart from the panel discussion, SignAll will also be present during the whole summit as a participant.

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